Remember Our Veterans

Posted on November 5, 2012 by Martenson Family of Funeral Homes

Each member of our staff at the Martenson Family of Funeral Homes comes with an interesting background. Each of us is diverse in our own way and it adds to the services provided. Several of our staff members have served Our Country in the military, Charlie Edge, Ralph Eckert, Jerry Nash, Jerry Niesen, Tom Green and Jeff Welker. We had the honor and privelage of serving the families of our deceased Veterans. Take a moment today to remember those who served today.

Agney, George L., Anderson, Herbert J., Armstrong, Joseph, Barron, Donald,E., Becker, Ferdinand E., Bettinger, James P., Bonadies, John R., Bondy, Edward, Brigg, Chester, Brooks, Joseph,Bryant, Allen J.,Bujno, James J., Cada, George R., Cancillari, Earl L., Capezza, Donald R., Carlson, Keith V., Carrara, Louis M., Casetti, Alfred, Cece, Marco, Christian, John, Ciak, Aaron, Cilley, Harlow, Coleman, James A., Collins, Dennis F., Cowley, John H., Croo, Paul, D’Onofrio, Eugene D., Dalto, Robert, Dalton, John F., Eastridge, Vince, Edwards, John E., Erfurt, Henry, Farmer, McKay, Fields, James, Frew, Robert H. Jr., Frosheiser, Edwin, Fuller, Milton C., Green, Robert, Gubbini, Mary, Hayford, Gerald, Heinitz, Donald E., Hill, Ralph T., Himick, David, Hubbard, Harvey E., Hunter, Vernon, Jameson, Roy, Jodway, Lawrence, Knox, Roy, Lambert, Oren J., Lee, Floyd F., Loiola, Frank Sr., Maddix, Samuel W., Maracchini, Russell, Marcereau, Kenneth, McClain, C. Janney, McClatcher, Laurence A., McKenzie, Gerald L.,McNicol, James D., Mendrysa, Frank J., Miller, Jack H., Moos, Donald A. Jr., Morrow, Richard D., Myers, Kenneth, Nezich, John I., Oswald, Leo, Palmer, Cass, Parker, Edward P., Pelkey, Jerome E., Penn, Lehman, Peters, Kenneth, Phillips, Samuel, Pietras, Ted F., Poremba, Francis, Pringle, David D., Richter, Leonard, Roden, William, Scharboneau, Russell J., Scott Thaddeus, Smith,Charles E., Springstead, Donald J., Stidham, James G., Strait, William M., Tarlowicz, Martin J.,Tarr, Malvern L.,Tierney, James P.,Tumidanski, Raymond S., Tutsock, John A., Van Becelaere, Lawrence A., Vecchiato, Robert A., Vereb, Paul, Villegas, Raul, Wagoner, Paul H., Walker, William M., West, Robert, Williams, James E.

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