Fred’s Friends Day Trips

What makes the day trips unique? Who are they for? What do those who have went on one of the day trips have to say?

Each trip is unique in its own way, and it always includes a delicious lunch. The trips are for everyone. One does not have to had lost a loved one or dear friend to go on one of the trips. All you have to do is sign up and pay and the rest is taken care of. Those who have experienced one of the trips have gone on another. The trips are changed each year and there is usually something for everyone. Below are some of the things those who have traveled have had to say after their experience.

"Hi Fred. I like the day trips because we get together as a group and go places. When I went on my first trip after the loss of my husband I was surprised. At the time I didn’t think I’d ever be happy again. But I really enjoyed the trip.” DH

“The day trips are fun, we need fun and the first one is the most difficult. for a lot of us, it is without our human. You took us out of our small lonely world, and we enjoy other peoples company and realize we are not alone, for this outing. Then we realize we are looking forward to the next one.  Our small world is expanding...” SS

“The Day Trips are usually fun & interesting. Most things are included in the price, bus transportation, activities, food, etc. and they are fun and a good opportunity to know each other better.” S

“I would say the day trips are a wonderful way to get out and enjoy time with others. The trips are always educational, informative and fun. They are well worth the money.” JP


“The day trips are a bright spot, like a breath of fresh air to the heavy, grieving heart and mind. Members of the group look forward to the various destinations.” JH


“Although I pick n choose, having gone on only a few of the day trips, I find they are an opportunity to do something or go somewhere I want.   I may not go if it were up to me to do by myself or to travel to on my own. L


"They certainly help improve my mood by providing the opportunity to get out to be among people rather than stay at home.  Sometimes feeling stuck at home brings on the awareness of "the quiet", the missing of loved ones, the loneliness now that life is so different with the emptiness that grows with loss." KR


"It is good to get out of that "feeling stuck" zone.  If not helpful for my frame of mind, I find maybe I can be of help to someone else by encouraging them to get out and accompanying them." S


"Having already built a bit of connection with people from the Wednesday night Grief Support Group, it helps to feel comfortable to be able to enjoy a day out with people I already know." SS


"I like and appreciate that the day trips help with the emotional balance between dealing with feelings stirred up from topics dealt with at grief group or even days that are tough,  and then the chance to switch to being able to have some enjoyment from the occasional day trips” JL


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