Helping Children Deal with Death

Posted on November 27, 2012 by Martenson Family of Funeral Homes

Attempt to hide your feelings.

Fail to recognize behavior problems may be transferred emotions.

Tell half truths and fairy tales.

Provide a theological lecture (preach).

Imply a temporay situation. (He has gone away). (She is sleeping).

Blame God.(It is God’s will…What, God would destroy a person?)

Leave explanations incomplete. (He was sick…So am I, will I die?)


Share your own feelings. Encourage tears. Respond to the child’s feelings. Allow time for mourning. (Can be months.)

Recognize the stages in the grief process and accept that children also go through these stages.

Be honest at all times. When explaining, identify with something familiar to the child. Answer the child’s questions candidly and rationally.

Allow the child to become involved. Look for the child’s needs and fulfill the needs of the surrounding adults.Discuss death with your children.Explain in advance about funeral rituals. Discuss the funeral service. (Mortuary, church, graveside.) Listen to what your child has to say.

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