Coping with the Holidays

Posted on December 6, 2012 by Martenson Family of Funeral Homes

Christmas is upon us and soon after follows the New Year. How does one cope during this time with the loss of someone special to them?

How you cope with each day is as unique as each snowflake is.There is no right or wron way to feel only the way you feel. Joy may feel lost from your heart, but that is only temporary, your loved one is always near you and with you, remeember death is the end of a life not a relationship. The relationship you had continues to live on, only in a different way. Those we loved want to be remembered and talked about. During the holidays you can create memories of your loved one for generations to share.

Some suggestions are:

Take out the family photo albums from holidays past look at the pictures adn share them with your children and grandchildren. Share the stories of how you searched all night for the perfect tree or for just the right set of ornaments.

Light a special candle. One you have designed yourself. Take a pillar candle(color of your choice) and decorate it with pictures and bits and pieces of decorations.

Gather the grandchildren, some construction paper, glue, pipe cleaners and whatever else you can think of and make some special ornaments together. Hang them on the Christmas Tree or in the house.

Take some paper, crayons, markers or colored pencils and make some cards for the folks in nursing care centers. This will brighten your day as well as another’s.

Start a new tradition it may be something as simple as taking a walk and enjoying the Christmas displays or if it’s real cold take the car and don’t forget the coco!

Adopt a family in need contact your local church or community center and find out who may need a little extra cheer.

Volunteer a bit of time at the local animal shelter or donate a basket of food to the shelter in the memory of your loved one. Remember our furry friends get hungry too.

The possibilities are endless of what you can do. At times bringing joy to another can begin to heal our deepest sorrows.

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