Steps to Survival

Posted on January 7, 2013 by Martenson Family of Funeral Homes

* Recognize the loss: For a while you are numb. It has happened try not to avoid it.

* Be with the pain: You’re hurting. Admit it. To feel pain after loss is normal, proof that you are alive, proof that your able to respond.

*You are not alone: Loss is a part of life-EVERYONE experiences it.

* You’re a Beautiful, Worthwhile Person: You are much more than the emotional wound you are presently feeling.

* You will survive: Believe that you WILL HEAL.

* Give yourself Time to Heal: The greater the loss-the more it will take.

* Healing has Progressions and Regressions: Healing and growth are not a smooth upward progression, but full of ups and downs dramatic leaps and depressing backslides.

*Tomorrow will Come: Your life has been full of positive experience-THEY WILL RETURN.

* Take Good Care of YOU: Get plenty of rest. Stick to a schedule. Plan your days. Activity will give you a sense of order.

Keep decision-making to a Minimum: Expect your judgement to be clouded for a while. You are going through change, don’t add additional ones.

Sr. Elaine Hartnett and John Raniszewski, Editors, Hospices of Henry Ford: Bereavement Newsletter; For people living with grief.

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