Tulip Time! May 4

As we begin a new year, we have new things to look forward to in 2021. One of them will be the first group trip offered by Fred’s Friends. The trip is to Holland Michigan for a day trip to see the famous tulips! Please note:  It has been changed to May 4 at 6:15am start! 

You may be wondering who Fred’s Friends is. The group started about five years ago when I had been approached by a representative of Bianco Tours about trying a bus tour to Motor City Casino in Detroit. I thought to myself what a novel idea for the participants of the grief group, their family and friends. I presented the idea of a bus trip to the group and they were quite excited about the idea.  We gave it a try and soon after the men and women in the group wanted to know when we were going on another bus trip! I scheduled other trips and Barb Braines from Bianco Tours said, “Now you have to give your group a name.” I asked the group for a name and they came up with “Fred’s Friends”.


Since conception of the group, we have been on many different day trips, The Parade Company, The Whitney, Pewabic Pottery, Greektown Casino, Ford Field and several other places.


2020 was to say the least an unusual year for all of us, and we all need something to look forward to. This bus trip is just one of several for the New Year, there will be others to look forward to. It is my hope to be able to have at least two to three more in the coming year. It may be a trip to Turkeyville to see a show, or a trip to Marshall maybe even Frankenmuth. As we move forward advance notice will be given on all trips so you can make plans to join us!

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