Visiting a grave site

“How often should I visit the cemetery or should I visit at all?”

“Is it okay to talk to my loved one while I am there and should I speak out loud?”


The time after a death can be difficult for every one as we each grieve in our own way and we ask ourselves the above question or many others concerning visiting the cemetery.


There is no right or wrong answer the most common answer is your own comfort level. If you feel comfortable visiting the grave of your loved one daily, weekly, monthly or not at all that is okay. Many people visit as often as they feel necessary for themselves. If you feel comfortable you can take a lawn chair, a book or even a bit of lunch to the cemetery.


There is nothing wrong with talking to the deceased while at the cemetery or at home. In life we tell those around us about our day and the activities we have been doing. In death only life has ended not the relationship. We don’t get a physical answer in the form of words but a sense of profound peace comes over many people when they are able to talk with their loved ones.


What if your loved one was cremated and you don’t have a place to visit?


Some have chosen cremation instead of burial and the cremated remains have been scattered at their favorite place. Some have chosen to honor their loved one by planting a tree in their memory, or having a brick paver in a memorial area.

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