Who will tell my story?

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Martenson Family of Funeral Homes

Death, dying dead. These words are the ones we don’t like to hear yet we know one day we will die and we don’t really want to think about it at all. Death is something that will happen to each of us in our due time, it is something we put to the back of our minds until it creeps to the front of our mind or suddenly it is right in front of us.

There are two interesting thoughts right there why did I choose the word “creeps” and suddenly? Here is the reason we see death daily but we don’t recognize it or acknowledge it right away. When we turn the television on or read a newspaper or magazine (for those who still do) we read about the death of a person or a group of people. In some way it has an affect on us but not as profound as if it were a close family member or dear friend.

Then there is the other deaths that are going on around us that we don’t really take notice of until the air changes to a different temperature. These are things like flowers, bees, leaves, bugs and the list goes on. We don’t often take notice of the decay that is below our feet when dandelions turn their bright yellow heads to the seeds that annoy us. At this point you the reader may be asking yourself how is this a death? It is in fact a death the flower had to die to turn into seeds to bring forth new life. Every living person, animal and bug under the sun has a life cycle. Even inanimate objects have a life cycle that in itself is a whole other blog.

How does this relate to the telling of your story. Each of us is born into this world by parents. Each of us knows how the birth and death cycle work but what about the time in between? That is your story. The time each of us is given from birth until death is our own and how we choose to use that time for better or worse is up to each of us. Now you may be wondering how do I tell my story? Do I write it all down in a book with endless chapters? Do I hit the high points of my life? What do I say? Where do I begin. Here is the answer on how to tell your story. Take a look at www.beremembered.com. This is where you are able to tell your story and more.

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