The Journey of Grief

Posted on December 27, 2012 by Martenson Family of Funeral Homes

When you are grieving, often you are grieving more than the loss of a loved one. In the process of grieving you may feel many different emotions and the past relives itself. You are often not just grieving the loss of a spouse, parent, child or sibling. You may be grieving the past loss of a grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend or the loss of a pet, or other losses such as divorce, the break up of a friendship, loss of a job; something as simple as the last child leaving home. When these things happen you are often unsure of where to turn. Grieving is more than death, it has many different aspects.

It seems as if your family and friends don’t understand exactly how you are feeling.

At the Martenson Family of Funeral Homes a Grief Specialist is on staff to assist you through the grieving process. He can be reached at 734-671-5400 or

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