Death, Divorce and Taxes

Posted on February 28, 2013 by Martenson Family of Funeral Homes

There are two things in life that are certain death and taxes, but this has nothing to do with taxes. You the reader may be asking yourself then what is the point behind this blog.

It is about death and divorce, the fact is we as human beings grieve the death of a loved one as well as we grieve after a divorce. When a person has suffered the loss of a loved on due to death they are struggling with a lot of different feelings. A death should not be compared to a divorce, and some will say to a bereaved person, “Death is a lot like a divorce.” Actually a death is nothing like a divorce using this as an analogy can be painful to the person hearing the words. Why? The answer is when a person dies they have left the physical world while the person who has divorced a person is still present in the physical world.

When a person is grieving a loss due to death they are missing the physical presence of their loved one, they long to hear their voice or feel the touch of their hand.

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